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Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Schedule?

Ah, the old silver lining reared its lovely little head again yesterday and I'm happy to say that I'm starting to love that piece of cloth.

Given that we are a bunch of boat owners, our extended family has been excited about the Tall Ships exhibition that is scheduled for Boston this week. Living so close to the shore, my daughter and I have even driven a few reconnaissance missions to high points along the coast to see if we can spot any of the ships as they converge on Boston Harbor. While I can tell you that on the one sunny day we've had this week so far, we saw some tremendous views, we did not see any tall ships. That did nothing to mitigate the anticipation.

Our excitement was heightened by the fact that our nephew/cousin attends the Coast Guard Academy and happens to be stationed this summer on the Tall Ship, Eagle, which arrived in port to participate in the festivities. We live next door to another set of cousins and last minute yesterday afternoon, we received word that our Coast Guard cadet might have a few minutes to see us if we high-tailed it into the city.

Here is what is so fun about where we live. Once we confirmed his availability, we scrambled into cars and met 20 minutes away at the ferry. Hopping on board, we churned through the choppy waters of Massachusetts Bay, under Long Island Bridge past Castle Island, glimpsing several Tall Ships all decked out at their moorings and one actually under sail, before we docked at Long Wharf.

Then it was a quick run through a local hotel to the other side of the wharf to hop a smaller ferry over to the navel yard where the Eagle was docked.

So much for stop-and-go traffic or delayed subways or scheduled trains. Living where we do, the trip into the city brings almost as much joy as the reason for going. All that fun on the water, and, we met the Coast Guard Cadet at the other side.

Licking contentedly at our ice cream cones after our visit, my sister-in-law said to me, “See how much fun we can have now that you aren’t working on week days?”


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