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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yes, Indeed

This morning, I shipped off “Project Two” in my professional role as “Freelance Business Writer.” (It still sounds funny. I want to mock myself.) The business is an infant, not even lifting its bald head in the crib--but the good news is that writing this second piece got me just as jazzed as the first, even though the topic wasn’t a) my own or b) Middles Passages.

Also gratifying is that regardless of the absence of technological support that a $1.5 billion company provides, my business skills seem adequate—i.e., I can design my own invoice and it’s a cinch to organize spreadsheets to keep myself on track. Though that’s all administrative and not technically the paying portion of the equation, it’s rewarding to remember that I like that kind of work too. When tax time comes it may be a different story, but in keeping things organized, hopefully that will be less painful then I anticipate.

Many of the blog authors I read are writing books, and as such, offer weekly updates to WIP's (Work in Process). My WIP is a different flavor, say, a dense chocolate cake instead of a strawberry ice cream cone, but for those who may be interested (I saw that yawn...) here’s where my venture stands.

A broadcast email to most of my “network” informing them of my plan to write freelance generated one quick referral (I wrote about that last week) and one project from an acquaintance. Less than two weeks since that email, I’ve “ghostwritten” an article for a local interior designer, and developed marketing language for a brochure for a woman new to the Real Estate industry--a nice start.

On the way--my website--under construction but soon to be completed, and business cards, which are waiting for confirmation on the website URL, at which point, it will be time to press send and order them. When the website is live, I'll launch another broadcast email into cyberspace, urging every one I know to look at the site, informing them of the work completed to date--requesting that they spread the word. With business cards in hand, more face to face networking will be possible too. Oh, and for now, I’ve decided not to link Middle Passages to my website. The writing is personal--I’m concerned that it may be a turn-off for those seeking to engage a professional writer. Would any one care to comment on that decision?

I walked through the dining room this morning to pull out a red folder to label “Accounts Receivable” (yes, I have it on-line, and backed up to a thumb drive, but forgive me for still liking paper). On the way, yet another of the incredulous thoughts that have flashed through my brain in the last many months, powered through. “Whoever knew I’d be doing this?” Recalling where it all began eight months ago—and what I’ve proved to myself since, I yanked the folder from the cupboard and announced to the empty room: “Yes, indeed Liza, you can.”


Tabitha Bird said...

Good for you Liza. And yes you can and should and, by the sounds of it, you already are. :))

Liza said...

Thanks Tabitha! I'm so glad you a follower!

glnroz said...

You can always link later. I dont know how I came to your site but thnx for letting me browse. I feel you will do well. I think self employment offers great advantages (although now I work for a company), I daydream about the good ole years of when I had my own business. It was HARD,, lol.. good luck and may I come again. You are invited to visit my site www.glnroz33.blogspot.com.. thnx glenn