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Monday, August 23, 2010

Treasures from the Sea

Flower-petal designs etched into gray sand dollars dotting the fine granuals on a deserted crescent of beach

Two unbroken scallop shells

Laughter erupting and a cold wash splashing as we launch the yellow kayak into an oncoming wave

Sea grass flowing with the current, locks of tangled hair waving beneath the surface

Churning whirlpools as the ocean crests over submerged boulders

Unending giggles as water from the upturned kayak pours into an open car window

And later:

My first osprey, folding black wings, tucking his head and plummeting toward gray water

A slick-headed seal, poking up in the middle of Casco Bay

Two white Adirondack chairs overlooking tumbling shale on a rise at Great Diamond Island

Teal wake churning behind as we powered past Peaks Island, Long Island, Cliff Island, Little Diamond

The red roof and crashing surf; Portland Head Light viewed from the sea

A screened porch, lobster and drawn butter; fresh corn, our family—our friends

Twenty-four hours in Maine and perfection

Portland Head Light, Photo Credit: ARS 8/21/10  (Thanks Ali)
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Jennifer Shirk said...

What a lovely picture you describe! I haven't been to Maine in years, but I so want to go back right now!
Where in Maine?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you sure know how to make this writer jealous of another writer's location :) Sounds wonderful!

Lydia Kang said...

Oh that is wonderful! The unbroken scallop shells...what a sweet treasure. Thank you for sharing!

Jan Morrison said...

just what I needed to read! Thank you for being the poet you are.
Jan Morrison

Helen Ginger said...

Reading this just makes your heart rate slow down. What a lovely recap of 24 hours.

glnroz said...

makes me wanna go there,,,

Anonymous said...

I love pics of light houses. Too bad they are of a bygone era. And its so cool to see a bird like an osprey diving for its food. I never tire of watching birds of prey in action. Have a great week.

Stephen Tremp

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It feels like I am right there.

Ro said...

Just beautiful. :)