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Friday, May 25, 2012

Bear With Me?

It is hard to believe, when I started Middle Passages over three years ago, I posted six days a week—for the most part in a vacuum.  I had few readers and received no comments, but that only bothered me a little, because I was writing.  

Back then, newly unemployed and floundering, Middle Passages acted like an inflatable life raft tossed from the mother ship.   Each morning I got up at my regular time, ate my oatmeal and drove my daughter to school.  Then I returned to sit at the computer to craft an essay, which I would edit and tweak for hours, until I had the confidence to press “publish.”  Scheduled blog posts kept me floating, and every time I completed one, it was a victory, a seed added to the thimble of self-assurance I was developing as a writer.  

Six months into it, people started commenting.  Then, like a dear friend who saw me though one of my most difficult challenges, Middle Passages took on a human a quality—which is why my delinquent posting schedule over the last few months gnaws at me.  It’s not a relationship I want to take for granted.   These days though, I’m struggling to keep up.  After I eat my oatmeal, and sit down to edit the novel I’m trying to turn into something worthwhile, or write a few hundred words on something new, or critique excerpts by the partners in my writing group, or write a piece for which there is a deadline or—oh yeah—go to my part-time job, guilt crops up at the way in which I am neglecting things here.  I can never forget how this blog, and its readers were—well, there for me.

We prize our friends for their willingness to let us move forward, for their joy when our lives are enriched and enhanced.   And yes, I’m aware that Middle Passages isn’t a person, but the human interactions my posts generate offer me cerebral and emotional fulfillment.  The exercise in writing, and the exchange of thoughts with others who read what I write, challenge and reward me, and that's not even mentioning how much I gain from reading and commenting on other blog posts.  I’d miss all that, if it went away.   

So I’m asking you to bear with me.  This is not my swan song, or a long goodbye. I’m just hoping that while I try to get back to a more consistent posting and blog reading schedule, my Middle Passages readers will consider embracing one of the other valuable characteristics of friendship—the one called patience.

Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm working on a book right now as well so I completely understand. Still hanging with you, Liza!

Robin said...

I am going to make a suggestion. Set aside a time for Middle Passages. Perhaps post once a week a short "this is what is going on with me" because that is what we care about now. And perhaps in the spaces in between during your week, one hour here, one hour there, you set aside for blog reading. It isn't a perfect system. However, it allows you to keep a handle on everything. I think it is contact with the people that we care about that makes us feel connected. And that is what you are afraid of losing. So, don't lose it. Make a specific time for it. And don't work so hard on these posts for your "skills" anymore. Heck, I am already impressed. And, if you think people have forgotten pull up an old post no one has read and present it as new. You can call it tricky or creative. I prefer creative. Whatever it takes to keep your train moving with good momentum. ((Hugs))

E.J. Wesley said...

We're hanging in there with you, Liza. :) Life happens. And that's a good thing.

Carol Kilgore said...

Huge waves flow through the Tiki Hut from time to time, too. I think bloggers are pretty patient with one another. We all get swamped from time to time.

glnroz said...

Ms Liza, funny thing, yesterday i was looking at the lack of posting from everyone. i felt a sort of sadness. I have fallen waaay behind in posting and commenting but my thoughts and feeling are so very current. sometimes i guess fish have to swim around a little bit in a differnt dirction to catch a cricket,, just keep swimming,, glenn :)

Jan Morrison said...

Hey Liza - no problemo! I've been a sketchy commenter for quite a while now - no choice - I'll assume you're doing your best and know you'll do the same for me...lots of love and patience coming at ya!

Old Kitty said...

Awww lovely Liza!!! You do whatever you need to do to make you happy!! We'll be here! :-)

Take care

mshatch said...

once you figure out how to manage everything, let me know;)

oh, and Robin's idea is good one; resurrect an old post no one saw or commented on. I've done that. It's called recycling :)

Juliann Wetz said...

I echo your thoughts, Liza. I am in the same position right now with my blog. Writing daily used to make me feel tethered to the writing world when the rest of my life was pulling me away from writing. But now that's not the case as much and I'm finding it more and more difficult to write blog posts every day. I don't want to call it quits, but I'm ready to move on to other things. Maybe I'll follow Robin's advice. It sounds sane.

Good luck! And cut yourself a break.

Anne Gallagher said...

I think it's the time of year we all go through this. Don't sweat the small stuff. You can only do so much before you really burn out.

If you blog, you don't write, if you write you don't blog. What's more important?

Look, people will understand if you don't blog all the time. Blogging is what it is.

Clay said...

I am new here but I do see how difficult it is to blog consistently, especially when you consider how much you yourself put into each post.

I know that life is busy - you do what you have to do. I'm sure we can all be patient for you. Good luck.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

The only we can all count on is change. Your blog is lovely and fun to read, and yet I am happy that other things are going on in your life that require you to hold off a little on the blogging.
Middle Passages has been there when you need it and probably will be again. It's like a good base that you can still come back to. Don't feel guilty. Marvel in the things that have changed for the better.
IRL I try very hard to be happy for others when they get the things that they really want, even if that means I don't get what I want. It's a delicate balance and those who truly appreciate you will love that you are moving on to other things you love as well.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Just keeping hanging on . . . my blog has been through many changes, and my writing has taken more precedence (writing outside of blogging), and I think that's ok.

Ann said...

Oh Liza it is like your read my mind and soul. I am struggling in exactly the way. Writing more and neglecting my blog. I wish you every success my friend!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh but how I know this feeling well. It's been so tough for me to keep up with my blog. I have to trust that it'll be okay to post when I get a moment to do so--or feel inspired enough to neglect everything else just to blog. You're right, I think, in that it is a relationship of sorts. I don't want to take that for granted either. But in the meanwhile, I think I may need to do some reevaluating as far as my own blog goes. I think many of us have been facing challenges trying to keep up with our blogs as we focus more intensely on our writing.

Anyway, I will totally bear with you. I love coming to see what you have to say whenever you get a moment to say it.