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Monday, September 20, 2010

Beets, Books and "Bugs"

It is 8:30 Sunday evening, and I don’t have a Middle Passages post written for Monday. Twelve hours from now, I’ll be doing a quick volunteer stint at the senior breakfast before rolling into the cheese shop for an eight-hour gig. Me-thinks I should have thought of Middle Passages earlier today—considering the eyelids are already dropping. But I didn’t, and here I am.

So, this is what I’ll give to you:

Things learned over the weekend:

Ironing your pants (a novelty for me) before a busy Saturday in the cheese/gourmet food store, guarantees  you’ll spill an entire container of red and yellow beets, flavored with ginger and cilantro. The contents of said dish will  miss your full length apron,  land directly on the pants and splatter all over your most comfortable work shoes. The ceramic “Made in Italy” bowl they were in will smash—all this while you are trying to sell “truffle white beans” to the gaping customers standing in front of you.

Definition of a hollow victory: when you close the cover on the book recommended on a Boston Globe Columnist's “must read” list you’ve been struggling to finish for three weeks, and the only thing you can say besides “Thank God,” is: “I understand why he recommended it—the description is some of the best ever, but the story is horrible, horrible, horrible.”

Even though your house is in full-shade for most daylight hours this time of year, it’s important to remember that in less-treed areas, the sun still climbs warm and high. A sweatshirt-less trip around the harbor, and through September rollers in the twelve-foot dinghy is one of the best ways to celebrate the end of summer. Encountering your brother-in-law hauling traps and acquiescing to his offer of six lobsters in trade for a container of homemade bisque works well too. (The "bugs" are cooked and in my fridge.  Anybody have a good recipe?)

Pot roast tastes especially flavorful when you are craving it and arrive at the store to find it on sale. Sharing it with cousins who live next door, makes it even more delicious.

There you go. Wash me up and hang me out to dry. That’s all I’ve got for tonight.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry about your pants and food. And congratulations for finishing that book - I would've given up!

Mary said...

You are the tenacious the one. I'd have given up, probably the first day.
Sorry about the clothes and the bowl but you bounced right back with lobster and a roast.
Have a great week!

glnroz said...

this reads like a fairy tale,, except maybe spilling the beets,,:)

jbchicoine said...

Oh what I'd do for some lobster to make a bisque. Can't say that I have an actual recipe--most of my cooking consists of winging it.

Tamika: said...

How I wish I had been a neighbor lurking around at dinner time:)

Robin said...

I'd say that is what you get for ironing, but that sounds kind of mean. I have a mutual hate with the iron and we have made a pact to avoid each other from now until forever. So, I am putting my hate for the iron onto you. I am going to assume you didn't make that pact, so you didn't deserve that misfortune. Sorry about your pants and dish. However, the rest went pretty well. Your post turned out just fine. You have a love affair with words.

Phoenix said...

You must have my kind of luck. I don't even bother trying to iron any of my clothes because if I did I would probably get a can of paint dumped on me from the handyman on a scaffold. It's just kind of the way the universe likes to mess with me.

I hate reading books that get glowing praise and I'm tearing my hair out thinking "When will this torture end?!" So I hear ya on that as well.

It is my firm opinion that chocolate chip cookies fix everything, no matter how much flour is used. :)

Carol said...

I could just picture you with the beets all over your pants. Isn't that amazing how stuff always misses the apron? Maybe you should wear a jumpsuit next time.

The post was great. And the thought of Lobster bisque ...Yum!

As for the book, I'd would have given up. I hate a hard read.

Shout it out! Carol-the gardener

Helen Ginger said...

So sorry about your pants and shoes and the bowl. But you seem to have kept your spirit up and plowed through the day! I hope the rest of the week is much better for you, work-wise.

arlee bird said...

Sounds like a weekend of mixed, but mostly good, blessings. The pot roast dinner is something I've been craving of late. I guess because it's fall.

Tossing It Out

Tabitha Bird said...

I don't persist long with books that don't grab me from the get go. If they don't grab me then they don't and I am over it. I could care less who recommends the thing. My life is getting shorter by the day. And there are too many other great books out there. Good for you for sticking with it. You are a better woman than I :)

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the warning. I'm never going to iron my pants.