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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Week in Review (2)

Things I have Learned:

We all have resources that when channeled differently can lead to career success or personal reward. It would be nice to blend the two.

My sister should open a bed and breakfast—or at least a coffee shop.

It’s hard to escape your worries, but a change of scenery helps.

There is no punishment severe enough for criminals who tear pages from library books.

You don’t have to be “unemployed.” It is OK to be “analyzing your assets in order to determine what to pursue next in your career.”

Figure out the above and a marketable resume will follow (I hope).

Writing a reference for a former employee helps to clarify your own achievements.

The computer is a valuable tool for connections, but it’s important to walk away once in awhile.

The famous second cousin is moving to an earlier show. (Perhaps I’ll manage to stay up and watch.)

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