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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Week in Review

Things I have learned:

Instant coffee can be palatable if you use real cream.

In the winter, the house is cold but in the daytime there is no one there to snicker if you wander around in a hat and scarf.

There is life beyond a discount card.

On windy days the cat ricochets around like a possessed pinball.

When you call an old friend one week to the day of your layoff and catch her in the middle of losing her own job, you discover that it’s possible to feel worse for someone else.

It’s a cliché because it is true. You can never overestimate the value of your friends.

A spring-like day by the ocean in February is a joy, but at 25 degrees and windy it takes about five minutes for your toes to go numb.

Lipstick is important, but being who you are is essential.

Buying [less expensive] Valentine’s Day gifts two days before, verses the day of, is less stressful.

Comments from the unemployed around the country, forwarded to me from a former (also out of work) coworker reinforce how lucky I am to have an employed husband, and a severance package. http://www.thenation.com/doc/20090223/von_hoffman

It is possible that Whitey Bulger is alive and well and living on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Procrastination really can be an art form (How do you like my blog?)

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