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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Week in Review (5)

Things I have learned:

It is the results that matter on a resume, more than the responsibilities.

If I had realized that before I lost my job, I would have kept a list...

...which I would have updated frequently and emailed home for use upon my departure.

“It will never happen to me,” is not a good enough argument to delay on the above.

The printer will undoubtedly jam on the material that means the most (Fair enough--I confess. I knew that one already).

A repeat from Week One (almost): When you email a former vender with whom you had an enjoyable relationship and find out she's lost her job, you discover that it is (still) possible to feel worse for someone else.

It will take three trips to the mall to find shoes for your daughter’s confirmation next week, just because it can.

Repeated trips may mean less stress. In the future though, it will be healthier to consider the carbon footprint.

At 75% off, that carbon footprint is marginally more forgivable.

A hungry hawk will not hesitate to dive to the road in front of a moving jeep in order to retrieve, err--recently deceased prey.

This is how you spell y-u-c-k.

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