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Friday, March 5, 2010

Delay Tactics

I charged myself with reviewing twelve chapters of subject matter before taking my final exam for my on-line writing course today. It is the first and most important thing scribbled in my agenda book, but instead, after delivering our daughter to school, I:

• drank coffee and ate a cookie while writing three “Morning Pages”
• read a bit in The Artist’s Way
• reviewed and responded to email
• checked on comments to Middle Passages (I’m not enjoying the new security I installed earlier in the week)
• responded to posts on several blogs
• deleted and organized about 300 emails from my inbox
• checked Editor Unleashed to see if the “Why I Write” contest results are public yet (no)
• scheduled a work appointment for this afternoon

Finally, I printed out the open-book final exam to study, which is where I am now. But upon cracking the first chapter to review, I remembered that the dry information in the first couple of lessons failed to pertain to anything I had hoped to learn.

Somehow, it seems like a better idea to write a blog post.

To be fair, in the middle of the course I learned valuable tools relating to writing copy for the web that, all by itself, was worth the price of admission—that information has already been put to good use. The rest of the class though, while containing helpful nuggets, on the whole seemed fairly remedial.

That said, we had two weeks to finish each lesson and to complete a chapter quiz, which we could take as many times as we needed during the allotted period. (I know; cushy, right?) The same time frame holds true for this exam though, and the clock is ticking, but it's a one shot deal so when I think about taking it, I get the jitters--regardless of the fact that it is open-book.

I’m having flashbacks to college and the one time that I bar-hopped with my friends the night before, instead of studying for a final exam. Funny that I have no recollection of how that turned out.

At least this time, my procrastination won't be followed by a headache.


Tamika: said...

Ha! Be careful to guard against a stress headache.

This is the second mention I've heard of The Artist's Way. I need to find out more about this book.

Elana Johnson said...

Wow, you've done more than me in a morning! I bow to your greatness. :)

Robyn Campbell said...

Procrastination. I love it. =) Write a blog post instead of crackin' the books. You are a my kinda gal!!

Thank you for your words over at my blog on Wednesday. They are appreciated more than you will ever know. =) Happy weekend. DRINK MORE COFFEE.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Holy catfish, for not being productive in your online class, you have certainly put forth a great effort in everything else. I'm astounded by what you can get done in one morning. Well done!!! No get back to work, missy!!! ;) (I, too, will avoid this sort of work for as long as possible. Although, I do much better under pressure, so....)

Jody Hedlund said...

It's funny how we can find all kinds of things to do when we want to procrastinate! Even when I sit down to write sometimes I have to chain myself to my chair!

Sharon said...

Here it is Sunday and I'm finally getting around to reading my favorite blogs. There is so much to be said for the fine art of procrastination! Liza, as far as I can tell, you have master writing skills. What happens if you don't pass this quiz? (Not that I believe it's even remotely possible that you won't.) Will they make you pay for more lessons?