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Monday, March 15, 2010

"Monday, Monday..."

I woke up this morning in the dark again. I woke up this morning to the rain again. There was no hot water in the shower. The basement is flooded and the cat got out.

Then, thanks to Melissa at Secret Notebooks-Wild Pages, I watched this: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish: a Talk by Steve Jobs.

Viewing it put me back on the right track.

It's mop up time now.

How do you beat the Monday blues?


Sharon said...

By living until Tuesday!

Tamika: said...

It sounds a link I need to pop over to. This Monday I'm struggling with the time change, this makes coffee cup number 3.


glnroz said...

Listen to "Blue Monday" by Fats Domino, that song always makes me feel better..lol

Patti Lacy said...

Hey! Saw your name at my friend Joanne's place. LOVE the setup!

Monday, Monday blues? It don't come easy, but I adhere to my traditional workday plan of praying through the day's chores, then tackling them one at a time. We've had a lot of sun here lately, so Monday, Monday, don't seem so bad!!

Loved the visit. Hope you can drop by my place sometime!!

Sharon said...

Okay, maybe I spoke too soon. That is an amazing video. I had no idea Steve Jobs was so profoundly honest and inspiring.

Joanne said...

Coffee, definitely. And pretty much just getting busy, immersing myself in the writing usually does the trick! Happy writing to you today ...

Elana Johnson said...

I use a lot of exclamation points. *wink*

Hope you get everything all mopped up. :)

Helen Ginger said...

Oh, man, what a bad way to start the day. I hope the sun comes out so you can read a favorite book and the floors dry up so you can turn on a snappy tune and dance.

Hope your day turns around and by bedtime you're laughing.

Straight From Hel

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

What a difficult way to start your day, but what an inspirational video.

Normally, a nap is a good pick me up. Sometimes, a glass of amaretto and a funny film does the trick as well.

So glad you are feeling better ;)

JennyMac said...

That is a tough day..hope today is treating you much better! :)