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Monday, March 1, 2010

Every Day is an Anniversary

A year ago I wrote: “There is so much life outside of the corporate world. You just have to trust yourself to find it.”

Here is the nice part being on my way to “finding it.” Today was a real, live “work from 7:30-3:55 day” albeit, in my baggy blue jeans, wearing my fake Uggs (Fuggs for those of you who don’t have a teenaged daughter), parked at the laptop by the living room window with a view to the deluge of first-of-March slop flowing out of our gutter. I put the project aside for an hour to drive to see client (gee, I like that word) and turned around revisions from her project in a matter of hours. That meant I was available for a last minute visit from a contractor pitching a small tile project in our bathroom (1956 yellow and gray, what more can I say?) A few years ago, a 5’x8’ bathroom wouldn’t merit a return call. Now it gets three.

My work-flow remains inconsistent and therefore comforting when it arrives, but a year ago I woke up hyperventilating each morning, spending huge portions of the day blogging as a way to clarify the next steps in my life. And, now, well, blink. Here I am--experiencing March 2010 as a vast improvement over March 2009--though regardless of the difficulty in wading through the shock of an unexpected job elimination, I’ll take either of those months over what I was doing in 2008.

And if that isn’t enough about which to feel positive on wet, snow-rain mix of a Monday, I just Googled, and there are only 19 days until the vernal equinox. Yippee. We are getting on toward spring.


Wander to the Wayside said...

What an uplisting post! Congratulations to you for the progress you've made!

glnroz said...

It seems you are having "fun'. Heck I feel better this morning after reading this. Thnx..

Ginger B. (Barbara) Collins said...

Liz, you sound happy with your new place and with your new pace in life. Congratulations!

I left the work force in January, (a many years ago January) and I remember that first March---not just because we had a giant snowstorm that kept us stranded in the house for days, but because I was starting to feel antsy about the lack of a paycheck. It took me two years to calm down and embrace the pace! You're right on schedule!

Ginger B.

Sharon said...

What a great take on your life's journey! Makes me smile just to read it. It's sleeting in Dixie today. But I know this is winter's last hurrah. Cheers for new beginnings! Oh, and happy anniversary.

Helen Ginger said...

A great post. And an inspiration to anyone else in the dumps about losing a job or changing careers. I'm glad you posted it. Perhaps Spring is here.

Straight From Hel

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Congratulations, dear. You're on your way. What an amazing feeling. Like walking outside to feel the warmth of sun on your face.