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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Giving Thanks

I wish I could come up with a phrase other than “silver lining,” but it’s all that I’ve got, and it continues to peek out from inside the coat of unemployment that I currently wear. On day two of this blog, I wrote the following:

“First off, there is the kindness of people to consider. Since my news has become public so to speak, I have received several phone calls, one from as far away as Georgia, many encouraging emails, and three separate invitations: to the gym, one for tea, and to lunch.”

So many times in the last two months I’ve had experiences that have reaffirmed my comment above. As this passage into self discovery or what ever this road is that I happen to be on progresses, the repeated kindness of people continues to buoy me up. In support of that theme, those who have responded to my recent networking correspondence either by calling, emailing or meeting with me, have further supplied me with manifest evidence that people care. By the way, you all know who you are and I’d like to state, rather emphatically, that it is no surprise that you are the ones who reached out to me so quickly and I can’t begin to describe my level of gratitude.

Like fundraising where every penny brings you closer to a goal, with networking, every conversation brings you closer to an answer. Thank you all. I am hording every cent of wisdom I receive.

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