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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Week in Review (10)

Things I have learned:

The newspaper today says that in the next year, the hiring market for 16-year-olds looking for jobs will be the worse it has been since they started recording statistics. Our daughter will turn sixteen this year. How to hit a mom when she’s down.

This blog may be self-indulgent, but it is also my salvation.

I said this last week, but it bears repeating: “Old friends are old friends. There is nothing more to say.”

Perspective is key. Yesterday, while walking with two former colleagues on a 70 degree day, we watched the sun shimmer on a teal ocean and one woman said: “Look at it this way. Other people lost their jobs too, but they aren’t lucky enough to live around here.”

Bagged manure doesn’t stink but spreading wheel barrows full of it over three gardens does.

When our daughter was young, she used to wonder why we couldn’t take a train to visit family in Heaven. Now that I have seen a preview copy of tomorrow’s Boston Globe Magazine, at the very least I wish FedEx delivered there. Email would work too.

1 comment:

pcarens said...

Somehow, Tuck read it and was very proud. Not sure about the manure though....