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Friday, April 3, 2009

You Never do Know

As expected, the interview yesterday was informational but highlighted what “networking” is all about. On my last day at the company, having heeded the good advice of someone who lost her job before me, I remembered to print my Outlook Contacts and snagged a 20-year-old Rol-a-dex, hoping at job search time both tools would cover my network. There was, however, at least one name missing from both which floated in my brain one sleepless night several weeks ago, and then drifted into the fog of oblivion the following morning. However, during my conversation yesterday, the man I was meeting with asked me if I knew the person whose contact information I was missing. Ding dong—a big reminder to track her down, which, thank goodness was as easy as searching her on LinkedIn. My network just expanded by one.

In addition to that reconnection, an update if you please. I’ve scheduled coffee with a college roommate and am in the process of arranging another meeting with someone I’ve known longer then her. After a receptive email in response to mine from a former advertising vender from my earliest days as a recruiter; we will be getting together too. This is all under the guise of figuring out my next stage in life, but while everything is a networking opportunity, in an intriguing way, it feels a bit more like a reunion. Of course the goal is to find employment, but what seems more significant at this moment is communicating with all these old friends.

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