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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Week in Review (11)

Things I have Learned:

Comments to online articles are the talk radio of the Internet age. Everyone gets to have their say.

A peaceful moment overlooking the yard trumps a cup of fresh ground coffee, but barely.

With temperatures on the rise this weekend we may drink coffee while sitting in the garden, which trumps all.

Challenging news related to the former company still initiates the same reactions as a kick in the gut. However, the shoe doing the kicking now might be a size or two smaller.

The new, old restaurant that I’ve mentioned here before serves an acceptable breakfast. The sourdough toast, infused with melted butter tastes exceptionally good, even though when you mention the fact, your daughter remarks that you sound like Paula Deen.

It matters a lot more when later in the car she says: "We’re having a bonding moment, Mom.”

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