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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A-Z (or a Thousand Words a Day for Me)

This is my entry for Alex Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Blog Fest where writers help writers.  To read more entries, click here.

For the third year in a row, I’ve chosen to abstain from Alex Cavanaugh’s A-Z blogfest.  But while I may not be a participant in the Super Ninja’s amazing and popular test, I owe Alex a debt of gratitude.  Each year while others have focused on A-Z, I’ve challenged myself behind the scenes to accomplish my own objectives.

This year, I’m going public.  My plan for the month of April is to write a thousand words, at least five days a week on my current novel with a longer term goal to complete the first draft by Memorial Day.  And because I admire Alex (and his partners) and want to acknowledge the impact A-Z has on me even though I don’t take part, I pledge the following:

I promise to employ ambition, balance, creativity and dedication to ensure this new novel intrigues and excites my potential readers.

I will use my enthusiasm for this story to develop its fantasy aspects in ways that makes it unique, absorbing and genuine.

I will employ hopefulness that the words I write demonstrate ingenuity.

Although I already scrapped 16K out of the first 20K and re-wrote it, I will take out my sharpest revision knife to cut out the excess, redundant and unnecessary language, thereby keeping the story lean, spare and light.

Instead of fussing during my insomniac hours, I’ll spend time employing my imagination to develop captivating plot machinations.  I will be sure the dialogue sounds uncontrived and natural.

I will treat my goal to write a thousand words a day with obeisance, sitting down before 7:00 each morning to crank out what I can before work.  I will return after work to complete my daily goal.

I will demonstrate persistence, and a hold tight to a quintessential belief that I can reach this goal.

If I catch myself failing, I will remount my campaign to achieve a minimum of 22,000 words by April 30, 2013, thereby satisfying my desire to accomplish this quest.  

I will trust myself and my skill as a writer universally and I will look forward to celebrating my victory.

I will be watchful for times when my diligence flags and will do my best to approach this task with (e)Xtraordinary focus and zeal. 

(Whew! That was kind of like speed dating!)
Wish me luck!

Here is hoping all you A-Z participants enjoy your month!


Jan Morrison said...

This is a swell challenge you've set yourself and I like how you've outed yourself! The first year I did the A to Zed (as we call it here in Canada) I chose as my theme words like yours - to inspire creativity and purpose in writing. I think I've got it archived but I'll have a look. I'm deep in revision land still and so wish I was writing something new. I really need to buckle down and do final revisions on several (gasp!) novels including the one I'm in the heat of now.Jan Morrison

Anne Gallagher said...

This was a pretty cool post. I'm not writing these days, but I look forward to getting the ambition back and conquering the next ms. with zeal. How's that?

mshatch said...

Excellent goal. I'd like to have my first draft complete by the 1st of June so I can spend the summer revising.

Words A Day said...

i look forward to your victory too:) I'm counting words this spring too, not doing so well but might be spurred on by your post:)

Margo Kelly said...

Sweet post! :) I'm visiting from the IWSG, but I'm also participating in the A to Z Challenge! I hope you have a marvelous month! :)

Bish Denham said...

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a plan! You go, girl!
Visiting from the IWSG and the A to Z.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Liza, that is wonderful!! You can do it. Just five thousand words a week.
Now I'm all inspired!

Intangible Hearts said...

My first time doing the A to Z and I'm having fun trying to plan them in advance!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Great pledge. Good luck with that.

Lexie Rising said...

Wow that was amazing! A-Z in one post. Love your goals and wish you the very best! :)

Carol Kilgore said...

Awesome! And good for you!

Unknown said...

LOVE setting alternative goals to things. Like NaNoWriMo, if you aren't participating, it's a great time to get things checked off your list. (Because everyone else is so busy...)

Good luck with your goals, Liza. You can do this! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! You can support the challenge and accomplish a great deal!