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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Week in Review

Things to note:

Writers are so generous with their time and comments and offer such inspiration. Thank you to those who decided to “Follow” me this week. I have soaked up something from each of you over the last few days: Ginger Michelle, Sarah, Mary, Elana...also Terresa, who found me and “Novice Writer Anonymous” who I found and who wrote a terrific post about banishing my inner critic, reinforcing what Natalie Goldberg told me about the same thing. I have so much to learn not the least of which is that writing cannot always be a solitary craft.

And, here’s hoping a supportive sister-in-law never underestimates the value of her emails. (Yes, T.S., this means you.)

When you hear this sound at 2:00 a.m., say thanks for Youtube and the ability to educate yourself that it was the call of the skinny fox that’s been loping back and forth across the yard this summer. Oh, and if you ask me, it’s quite acceptable if upon first hearing it about four feet away from your open window, you froze for a moment, then locked your hands and prayed that your house would suddenly grow a second floor.

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