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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Week in Review

A departure from the norm:

Hey all! I'm excited to announce that today I am a guest blogger at http://giveagirlapen.com/.

This is a terrific website offering a bucketful of information for writers. Give it a read and let me know what you think!


Ginger B. (Barbara) Collins said...

Just read your guest post on http://giveagirlapen.com. It makes a good point. We write because we can, and sometimes for no other reason than the sheer fun of it!

Ginger B. Collins

Unknown said...

Read it and liked it! Great post... it's all about writing because you need to, and not always necessarily to please others.

Really enjoying reading your blog too. Keep on writing! :D

Liza said...

Thanks for commenting Ginger. As long as we all feel the joy, there is no downside. Hope you are doing OK with Hurricane Bill. We have humid air here with large ocean swells, my husband had a "yeeha" kind of sail today...I abstained!

Jen, thanks for reading. Pleasing ourselves is the priority...pleasing others though is a huge bonus!