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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A wicker basket of laundry folded but not put away.

One hour walking (um, trespassing really) with a friend down a cracked private road that humps like a dinosaur’s back through craggy monoliths soaked from churning salt spray. Lately we’ve tempted ourselves to stroll farther, each time with fingers crossed that we aren’t escorted out in handcuffs. “Sign officer? What sign?”

A quick stop for a cup of coffee to go, lightened with cream, “shaken, not stirred” by the coffee shop clerk.

Homework. An hour online researching a foundation for a theoretical grant I’d be writing for a new senior center building in our town, if I actually had accountability for writing it. Bingo. Who knew I’d discover a generous philanthropic organization founded in memory of a woman who used to live about a mile from me?

Another hour studying the lesson above, and then an online quiz. (100% thank you very much. You gotta love open book tests.)

Forty-five minutes reading and commenting on the blogs I follow.

Approximately fifteen minutes analyzing how to set up tables for a sit down Thanksgiving for 28, 29 or 30 people (TBD), while allowing a path to the kitchen for me, and one to the restroom for everyone else. (Don’t worry, all guests contribute to the feast.)

A “to do” list beginning this weekend, of things to accomplish ahead of time to make T-Day run smoothly (nervous breakdown not included).

A scroll through a Word document called “I Can do This,” now over 200 pages long, containing drafts of every blog post I’ve written, as well as aborted passages never published, in hopes that it would jog an idea for today.

A visit to Dancing with the Gorilla, because “I Can do This” gave me nothing. (I’ve used that trick too many times before.) Choosing from Darnell’s list, I’ll try to“storm” something. It worked the last time I was stuck.

Oh dear, I’m distracted. Anyone care to supply me with their favorite, easy, delicious, and make ahead Thanksgiving recipe?


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Oh, my, your daily chores have me a little dizzy. you are one busy woman.

Favorite make ahead Thanksgiving recipe? Sorry, got none. But I do prepare my stuffing ahead of time. you can freeze it, then thaw the night before and stuff that big bird real early without the mess.

Liza said...

Thanks for the tip Eileen, and thank you for visiting!

Sharon said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! My thanksgiving recipe is to eat at a relative's house. And, I do understand the desperate search for inspiration. Mine comes in waves and then the tide goes out for extended periods of time. Thanks for sharing.

Umā said...

Liza, thank you so much for visiting and for your comment on my blog tonight.
Here is a good recipe for stuffing that I always made the day ahead: http://secretnotebookswildpages.blogspot.com/2007/11/cooking-with-heart.html

Tabitha Bird said...

We don't have thanksgiving in Australia, but I wish we did. It was my fav holiday when we lived in the US.

all the best for inspiration, cooking and general life. sounds like you have a bit going on!

glnroz said...

make ahead receipt.. yep,, already started mine, first:
1. Buy a frozen smoked turkey, start thawing 2 days ahead and it is ready..

See there how easy that was.

Amy said...

so well written. I enjoyed reading it.