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Monday, November 9, 2009

Nothing Ventured...

"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same." Carlos Castaneda

For the first time since the dark ages, I am taking a course--online--but an honest to gosh, you have to register and pay for it class, and it starts tomorrow. The topic is necessary in order for me to push myself forward. It’s called “A-Z Grant Writing,” and the subject matter will layer as a part of the larger package wrapped around my freelance writing business. The more you can do, they more they can pay you to do, right?

Other then the knowledge it will offer in the short term, signing up for this course produced baby steps in another direction. The thought of taking writing classes has always hovered over me, like a helium balloon with a string just out of reach. The thought of standing on a ladder and catching that thing fascinated but frightened me.

Why the nerves? Well, other then training seminars, the last time I was in school there were no such things as email, the Internet or laptops. Online courses existed in science fiction, a story line for the first Star Trek series. I feel so ancient that I envision myself walking up to my cubby tomorrow and trying to sit properly without bouncing up my hoop skirt.

But, thanks to Middle Passages, I’m ready. Once this class is complete, there will be an intriguing “Writing for the Web” and then, fingers crossed, maybe I can earn enough freelancing to move on to something even more compelling. Say, a fiction writing course?

Here’s the luck of Liza though. The online professor releases lectures on every Wednesday and every Friday. Tomorrow as I mentioned, is the first lesson. I’m nervous, but anxious to get on with it, and wouldn’t you know? Wednesday is a holiday. Both my husband and my daughter will be off.

The first day back to school might have to be a sick day. If there’s no blog post tomorrow or Thursday, you’ll know why.

What goal did you achieve recently that you found difficult to begin?


glnroz said...

go git 'em and good luck

Tabitha Bird said...

Liza, I love this post and the quote you started with. I think you are going to be just fine in your studies. They didn't really have no online classes when you were in school, did they???!!! :)
(I'm just being cheeky!)

What have I achieved recently that I found difficult to begin? Gosh, Where do I begin... I battled depression and self harm and have won both wars. Depression would like a rematch occasionally, but I am mostly good. I am half way through and distance education course in Creative writing. I would love to attempt a masters in creative writing. I finished me B. Education with family falling apart around my ears, so now I am happily married with two kids, how hard can another degree be?!!! :)

Hard battles won are fights you will always be proud of. As they say, 'Easy come, easy go.'

all the best Liza :)

Liza said...

Tabitha, I am in awe. I hope this comes out right, but I am proud that you channeled your strength to pull yourself through such challenges. I must say too, that I am so honored that you read my blog.

Sharon said...

You are an inspiration. Going back to school… I'm sure you'll exceed your own expectations. Oh, and "The Teachings of Don Juan" were lost to the recesses of my ancient memory. Thank you for the reconnection. Wishing you much success and joy!

Elana Johnson said...

Holy cow, that quote is the best one ever. And so true. And recently I've attained something I never thought possible. It required a huge amount of work, something for which I'm grateful.

Good luck in your class.

Unknown said...


And, um... so you're writing that novel too, right?

Liza said...

I'll get there Suzy! Baby steps! Thank you so much.