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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Antipasto Perfect

Okay, if you are inclined, click on this link: Antipasto Perfect.  

I wrote this at the end of April and for reasons unknown to me, it took a while for South Shore Living to  press "publish."  Substitute the statement: "It's summer" with the "It's spring" I started it with two months ago,  and you'll get the essence of where my head was back then.  We've still had a lot of sloppy weather, but now that we've made it to the end of June, my tomato plants are blossoming and I'm picking the fresh lettuce grown in my own container garden. Things are looking up in the vegetable world these days...but even so, I have wonderful memories of our meal that night.

Oh and the picture in the post is of the actual platter the girls made, mounded on top of a pile of arugula.


Matthew MacNish said...

This sounds awesome. I wish I had room for a garden.

glnroz said...


Wine and Words said...

Ahhhh. Suddenly I am in the mood for shrimp! How wonderful they used the actual photo of the platter instead of some glamor shot.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The picture looked delicious! Good stuff, Liza.