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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Study in Contrasts

Yesterday’s blog post, milestone that it was, ended up being called due to Internet failure, which fit right in with the tenor of the day. Here is what you would have seen, my 100th entry, which I came close to publishing, as you will note, when everything went dark. This morning when the Internet was still down at 6:30, high anxiety ensued, but crawling into the dusty cupboard; untangling wires and unplugging them, disconnecting the auxiliary power, plugging it all back in and hitting reset finally did the trick. That breeze you felt around 6:45? Well, that was my sigh of relief. With no further ado, yesterday’s abbreviated post. We’ll see if anything else comes out of today.

I thought this blog post was going to be devoted to the Aaron River Reservoir, but I was wrong. Today was dedicated to article revision, networking emails, a two hour seminar on networking techniques at the outplacement office, (perchance you recognize a theme building here) various errands for my husband and my daughter, further responses to employment search emails upon my return, and nothing at all with regard to research on one of my new favorite places. Just when I was preparing to do so, the Internet went down.

So, more to come on that, and instead, you get the dichotomy of our New England backyard—irises, velvet-soft and purple, bowing in a subtle breeze in front of hulking granite ledge deposited long ago by some prehistoric glacier. Unchanging, impermeable rock, fronted by fleeting blossoms--which will wither and disappear, returning next June, as they always do, a harbinger of summer, that I wait for each year.

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