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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Week In Review (18)

Regular readers may be aware that a germ of confidence with regard to “next steps” is beginning to grow. It’s only a seed at the moment, but a few months ago, I never would have imagined the rewards that would develop as a result of a February “job action,” or “restructuring.” At this point in my “rebirth” (or in truth, the emergence of the “real me”) I have so much gratitude for the support and kindness and caring I have encountered along the way. Over the last week especially, I woke up every morning filled with optimism and possibility. So today, I’m canceling the list of things I have learned, and replacing it with …

People to whom I’d like to say thanks:

In no particular order:

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: to Tim and Megs, always.

To Connie and Phil, my regular cheerleaders.

To Sarah—Who knew in some regard we’d be on this road together?

For Kathy S., who not only cheers, but offers sound, practical advice…and who led me to Gary G.

To Barb C. for that first lunch weekday lunch, for Whitney Woods, the Aaron River Reservoir and most of all for helping me find new places.

To Joanne and Mary Jo, who went before me, and whose supportive calls and emails let me know the path ahead is safe.

To Nancy B. for being a constant friend.

To Gary J. for his encouraging phone call, and to Annie, my regular reader and commenter.

To Eileen S. for her wise counsel and her knowledge of four-wheel-drive.

For Tish and John because they are always there, and I’m especially glad they were the day The Globe called.

To “Boom Boom” for her email to The Globe and for being as funny as she was 23 years ago.

To Ann and Terri, and those first restorative oceanside strolls.

To Kris C. whose regular emails keep me connected.

To Gary G., Maureen C. and Robyn B. all of whom interrupted their busy schedules to advise a stranger and convince me that I am a writer. Robyn gets a special call out for the word “chops.”

To Lori C., John J. and Steve S. who met for coffee and lunch, and whose ongoing communications have been well considered and kind.

To Jane S. for her quiet perception and one exceptional walk.

To MC, for being someone I’d never question reaching out to, and for Dunkin Donuts and dinner.

To Mike W. and his consistent, measured counseling.

To Bill S. who remembered a friend from when we were both beginning.

To Jenny D., a newer reader and advocate, and for Ali S., whose little emails along the way always make me smile.

To Kirsti, who signed up as an early Middle Passages follower.

To Amy W., my inspiration, and for Joel, who remains a friend even though there are no business prospects.

To Paula V. for her comments.

To Ali F. and Liza C. for “following.”

To Mary Kay, Karen and Linda, who have welcomed me since that first frosting covered Monday; Karen for sending me links to good writers, and Mary Kay, who announced: “Since you write we have a project for you.”

All lists must come with a disclaimer, I suppose. After I print this, someone else will surely come to mind. Please know that everyone, simply everyone I have encountered over the last four months whether in person or via email, has had a hand in this evolution of me. I am grateful to all of you.

And, since it seems strange not to impart at least one kernel of wisdom I have acquired over the last week:

Chunky peanut butter on English Muffins is clearly better than smooth.


cthompson said...

I'm honored to be number three on your list. Thank you.
Love, C.

Paula Villanova said...

Glad you are seeing this as a time with rewards. After several months of unemployment for myself, I am looking forward to returning to the workplace a week from tomorrow and I must admit, the opportunity that I experienced of structuring my days (or not structuring them on occasion) has been very valuable and energizing. I am now ready to move on with enthusiasm in a new venture...just like you will soon!

Paula Villanova said...

...and thanks for the mention!