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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Week in Review (12)

Things I have Learned:

This line, which I stole from the Facebook wall of one of my (now) three on-line friends made me chuckle (Thank you JJ). “If your glass is half full, you need a smaller glass.”

Even though there are critical comments that will last forever attached to the online version of “His and Her Unemployment,” they cannot mitigate the many phone calls, letters, emails, comments and Linkedin messages that have been positive, encouraging and supportive. I’m holding a big glass on this one, and the liquid measures well beyond three quarters.

Even a traffic jam is a joy on the first hot day of the year.

Every comment on this blog is cause for a mini-celebration.

If your garden needs water, wash your windows, because without exception it will rain the next day.

When the blueberry coffee cake that was the cause of so much angst two weeks ago shows up in a picture in the local paper looking delicious, any lingering frustration fades away. Now, if I could only remember to wipe up the dregs of icing, still congealed on the front passenger car floor…

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