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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Week in Review (15)

Things I have learned:

When I am engrossed in conversation with someone I like, walking 4.6 miles seems like nothing.

The people that I enjoyed speaking to and learning from when I was working are the same individuals I enjoy speaking to and learning from now that I am not.

It’s hard to fly under the radar when you drive around town in a thirteen-year-old vehicle with squeaky brakes. They will squeal their loudest yet when stopping to turn left in front of a pack of teenage boys, jumping from a bridge to the water below—especially if there is a teenage girl in the car.

Outwardly I chuckle, but inwardly, I’m with the teenager. Time to get the brakes checked.

Foxes and fishers and parrots, oh my.

After three months of unemployment a perspective shift has occurred. Rather than celebrating Memorial Day as a three day weekend, I’m cursing the fact that we can no longer park by the ocean in the town next door without coughing up a $3.00 charge, soon, as local newspapers report, to be raised to $5.00. Wouldn’t you know, of course this coincides with the opening of two seaside ice cream parlors.

Hmmmm. Maybe parking fees are a good thing.

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